7 Holiday Dresses You Will Want To Have This Summer

Summer is upon us, which means it is time to book flights and hotels and get into vacation mode. Also, time to start thinking about holiday dresses to wear while soaking up the carefree summer vibes. Packing the right vacation dresses will not only ensure you enjoy the getaway but also look fantastic the entire time. So, revamp your racks and throw in some fresh looks for the season.

Whether you are exploring a new city or opting for a beach destination, we present to you 7-holiday summer dresses that must accompany you. Don’t worry- we are not suggesting changing your entire closet. Some of these you may already have. It is all about how you recycle and refresh it. Let us show you how!

1. The Maxi Dress

There is nothing better than the comfortable ‘throw and go’ maxi dress when on a holiday. Just slip on the dress, add a few accessories, and you are good to go. You can either wear it on its own with a pair of wedges for a casual dinner or layer it with a T-shirt underneath and trainer shoes for rocking the daytime look. To mix things up some more, try wearing a light knit over your top and transform the dress into a skirt.

Choose maxi dresses made from cotton as it is the best fabric for summers. However, if you are worried about the wrinkles, you can look for wrinkle-free fabrics. White is the right color for the sunny season, but you can opt for vibrant and fun prints too.

2. The Statement Jumpsuit

Thinking of holiday women’s clothing ideas that leave a bold impression? An ethical jumpsuit does just that. Usually, when you are vacationing, there is at least one “special occasion” on the list. Save the statement jumpsuit for that night and look your best.

If dressing for a formal occasion, pick a well-tailored and sleek style jumpsuit that flatters your frame. Put on some chic accessories, and you are set to go! On the other hand, if you wish to glam up a casual outing, choose a comfortable and oh-so-chic jumpsuit in denim or cotton fabrics.

A style tip we would like to give- if you plan on wearing jumpsuits with flats, choose a pair of cropped boots or sandals that are just above the ankles. This will make you look tall and slim.

3. The Summer Tops

From crop tops to strappy camisoles, the options are endless! Here are 4 tops that you must bring along on your vacation.

  • Scoop neck tee- This is a must-have, both for the sake of function as well as fashion. The best thing about it is that it works well with any outfit.
  • Structured peplum top-This form-flattering style designed with a flared hemline and nipped-in waist is another summer favorite.
  • Crop tops– This is no brainer. This is an eternal summer trend that keeps coming back. Just pick your style from the innumerable varieties of cuts and colors.
  • Button-down shirt– Style the shirt in different ways, and you can end up with a new outfit each time. Knot it at the bottom or open up the buttons, make it fall off one side or simply wear it over a vest, there are endless options to explore!
  • Oversized top– These give you an offbeat look and cools you down at the same time. Choose a top with fun graphics and tighten it around your waist. You will be quite pleased with this holiday dress up.

You can pair these tops with shorts, skirts, or pants to create a look that complements your style.

4. The Stylish Shorts

When in doubt, wear shorts! It is comfortable and classic. That is probably why it makes its way into the summer wardrobe of many people. So, if you are a fan of shorts, we bet you already have a few stocked up in your closet. Here are a few ideas for adding a touch of pizzaz to it:

  • Try the kimono and denim shorts combo– Layer, a pretty colored or printed kimono over a crop top and shorts, to instantly zing up the outfit.
  • Wear shorts with an off-shoulder top– Pair your shorts with a trendy off-shoulder top to get a cute ensemble perfect for a casual hangout with friends.
  • Team denim shorts with a button-down shirt- Tuck the shirt or knot it above the waist and earn some brownie points for looking effortlessly cool in jean shorts.
  • Pair the versatile shorts with a vest– If it’s too hot to put on a jacket, try a colorful or printed vest instead. Wear it over a casual white shirt and blue denim shorts and up the style quotient by several notches.

5. The Cool Pants

Let’s now talk about pants! They are, by far, the most functional bottoms. Here are a few styles that must be part of your holiday dress collection.

  • Boyfriend jeans- Tight skinny pants are not ideal when the mercury is soaring. Swap them for a pair of breezy boyfriend pants this summer. Team it with bright colored pumps and a long blazer to dress it up a bit.
  • Harlem pants- These pants can look put-together if styled correctly. Opt for slightly fitted pants instead of the super-droopy cuts. Wear it along with a half-tucked shirt, statement jewelry, and heels.
  • Culottes- Although the fashion jury many be undecided onthispants-skirt-shorts hybrid, it is still socially acceptable, especially as a holiday summer dress essential. Try it with a patterned blouse and wedges to make the look pop.

6. The Breezy Skirts

This is another bottom you must have in your summer wardrobe collection, and there are various categories to choose from too! Here is a look at our top styles:

  • Midi skirt- This style has proven to be a bit hit among top fashion influencers. A midi-length skirt usually falls just below the knees. You can pair it with a loose T-shirt, denim jacket, front-tied chambray shirt, or a pussy-bow blouse.
  • Wrap-around skirts- These are a great pick if you are vacationing in a beach destination. Bralette tops and crop tops go well with such skirts.
  • Pleated skirts- You can opt for a monochrome look with pleated skirts or team it with a spunky top. Hoop earrings and heels enhance the look.

7. The Sexy Swimwear

The final item on our list is a swimsuit. After all, which summer vacation is complete without a dip in the pool or a beach. Swimwears are now designed in a variety of styles from short-sleeve one-pieces to ultra-high-rise bottoms. They are available in vibrant prints and vivid colors.

Wrap-around tops are hitting the beach scene big time. With long straps wrapping around the torso region, they can be easily paired with a skirt or pants and transform your look!

Additionally, if you like bling, you can also shop for bathing suits with embellishments and belts.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it suits your body type. Also, don’t forget the cover-ups: tunics, sarongs, tank dresses, etc.

Handy Packing Tips

Apart from choosing the perfect set of holiday dresses, try these useful tips that will make packing super quick and easy.

1. Choose Colors That Complement Each Other

Why we suggest, this is because it will be much easier to coordinate your outfits. You will be able to reuse a piece of clothing if you carry colors that work well with one another. However, if your vibrant deep blue dress makes you feel like a star, do pack it up. All we are trying to say is that packing clothes with complementing tones will allow you to mix and match effortlessly. Additionally, it also helps you pack a lighter case.

2. Keep Your Itinerary In Mind

It is impossible to carry your entire wardrobe with you when you travel. Hence choose your clothes wisely. One way to do this is by going through your itinerary. Check whats on the list and plan your attire accordingly. If there are no formal dos planned, then ditch the floor-length gown! Instead, pack outfits for daily wear activities. Always remember to pack for what you need and carry a few extras just in case.

3. Pack It Neatly

Tossing up your garments in your suitcase may seem quicker but will ultimately leave you with wrinkled clothes. Moreover, you end up carrying several cases. By packing the right way, you can maximize the luggage space and travel light. It will also reduce the time required to put together an outfit when you reach your holiday destination. You will have everything ready and organized within minutes to nail the holiday dress up. 


Vacation dress ideas and inspirations are everywhere. Flip a magazine, browse the net, watch a show, or take a walk through a mall, you will see something exciting enough to wear on your summer hols. Just be creative! Buy clothes at a store that offers reasonable prices. This way, you will feel less guilty when you fall out of love with them by next summer. Although if there is a dress that makes you look like a million bucks, go for it! Think of it as a worthwhile investment. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to pack the summer staples mentioned here. Bon Voyage!