Hello! And welcome to my blog. Since you’re here, I suppose you’re as passionate as I am when it comes to boho chic style. Driven by passion and desire for everything that is boho, I studied the design course from the University of California, USA. The things that I learned in the University were priceless. They helped me look beyond the other side, and greatly broadened my view, and changed the perspective I had towards fashion in general. And that is what motivated me to start blogging, and to share all the beautiful things that have been captivated by the boho chic movement for years.

One of the most beautiful and fascinating things about boho style is that you really can put on your dress according to your mood. Each day is unique in its own way, and so is our feelings, and our mood. It’s a wonderful thing, to be able to express this myriad of feelings and emotion through the outfits we wear.

And I think there is no other style that offers a wide range of options than boho style. On top of that, you don’t necessarily have to think hard. Hippie style does not require you to prepare for hours. It’s a fashion that is easy going, simple yet beautiful, and distinctly individualistic.

When you’re really into fashion, and you begin to think outside the box, you can find fashion inspiration everywhere, nature, people walking in the streets, the paintings, and magazines, just to name a few. However, it is important not to get carried away, or mix things up. Staying true to what means to you is paramount, and boho chic life allows me to remain authentic and organic.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Bohemian style, and if I was asked to give reasons, there are lots of them. But the two best reasons why it’s fascinating are because boho remains true to its original theme or essence; in other words, it remains unchanged.

Let’s take an example of country music and rock music. Rock music got broken down to dozens of sub-genres in just a decade, and it’s slowly withering away. But the good old country music is what it is, even today. The same is the case with hippie style and other styles.

The second best reason is that hippie dresses does not have any requirements to look good. Your height, weight, size, or shape will not keep you away from wearing those beautiful outfits. And that is awesome, isn’t it?

A new trend will come and go or might evolve into something totally different, but boho remains, adapting itself to the changing fashion while retaining its distinctive look and appeal. And that is what separates the hippie style from the rest – It is timeless. It’s no surprise why famous celebrities like Jessica Alba love the hippie way of dressing.

At Boho & Flower, my goal is to share the ideas and knowledge to all you lovely people out there. Here you will learn about the hippie dress, shoes, history, and everything related to boho.

I want to thank you so much for stopping by and reading what motivates, and inspires me to live each day in a better way. Here’s to living a beautiful carefree life inspired by bohemianism.