Best and Easy Hippie Outfits DIY

Be it going to music festivals or attending “hippie themed” events; people love pulling off a great hippie outfit. Today, both women and men enjoy wearing hippie outfits, even on a regular basis because of its cool and unique sense of fashion look.

Hippies were referred to those people who started a subculture movement during the 1960s and 1970s against the capitalist society. They came out with their own “hippie fashion” trend and also had their own music genre, philosophy etc. Their cool sense of fashion has been in trend since then, and people still love wearing “hippie outfits.”

You do not have to spend an excessive amount of money to get that dashing hippie look. In fact, you can go through your wardrobe and create a stylish hippie look by mix-matching colors, prints, funky accessories, etc. You can also stitch your own hippie outfits.

Let us discuss some great Hippie Outfits to bring out the “hippie” in you:


Hippie dresses are usually loose-fit and flowy. You can turn any dress into a funky hippie outfit that has layers or prints on it. Search for dresses that are a little over-sized for you or that has floral prints. If you are attending a formal event, then you can consider a nice headband made with flowers.

If you are someone who isn’t a fan of vibrant colors, you can pick a nice white dress and pair it with suede or denim jackets. You can pair your outfits with the classic knee-length boot and wear some cool accessories.


As soon as someone hears the word “hippie pants”, they instantly picture bell-bottoms. And yes, if want a hippie pant, it has got to be bell-bottoms or loose fit. You can pair it with a cute crop top and top it with a flowy cardigan.

You can also easily add bell-bottoms to your usual jeans and pants at home.


Most people think hippie skirts are all about the flow. Long flowy floral skirts are surely the classic hippie trend. However, you can even turn your mini or midi skirts into a funky hippie outfit. You can stitch on some appliqué or aesthetic patches on your skirts; pair it with a funky over-sized tee shirt and accessories.


Generally, hippie tops are over-sized or lacy. However, you can tie-dye your tank tops or crops in funky colors or add aesthetic patches on it. Also, you can stitch a bell-sleeve on your usual top to give it the classic hippie touch.

Wedding Dress

Hippie themed weddings are gaining immense popularity. You can shop for hippie wedding dresses online or make your own at home. If you want some patterns on your wedding dress, you can go for floral prints on subtle colors. A flowy and lacy wedding dress never goes out of style as well. You can also incorporate some cool beads and appliqués if you want to add more details. Or if you pick a simpler dress, you can add some hippie accessories like head or hand bands made with flowers.

Some easy DIYs you can do at home to give your outfits the classic ‘hippie’ touch:


For tie-dying your shirt, all you need are your preferred cloth colouring dyes, a large bowl to soak in your shirt and rubber gloves. Before getting into the dyeing process, first, soak your shirt for about ten minutes in a solution of warm water and soda ash. This will make your shirt soak in the dyes better. Make sure to wring off your shirt thoroughly before soaking it in the dye. Then, place your shirt on a table and twirl it with your hand. You can also do it with the help of a rod according to your preferred pattern. After that, you can tie your shirt with a thin band to keep it in shape. Then you can soak your shirt in your dye solution or directly apply the dyes in sections. Now, all you need to do is wait for a minimum of 24 hours to let the dye dry completely before wearing it.


Putting aesthetic or appliqué patches on your clothes is as easy as pie. Most popular hippie patches are peace signs, smiley face, yin yang, flowers, etc. You can either purchase these patches online or even carve it out with cloth materials. Then you can stitch these patches wherever you want on your pants, tops or dresses to get the iconic hippie vibe.  

Adding Flares To Your Pants And Tops

You can add flares to your usual pants or tops. Get your preferred material and cut it according to your measurements, in a bell sleeve shape. Open up the seams of the sleeves of your shirt, and remove them. Then stitch the bell sleeves to your tops to get a flawy hippie look. For your pants, you need to open up the outer seams. Then cut the outer side of your pant in a diagonal line, usually up to the knee. Then measure the open sides and cut your preferred fabric accordingly, adding two extra inches. And all you have to do is stitch the fabric on both sides of your opened-seam. You can also use two or more fabrics.

Materials Used In Hippie Clothes

The materials used in hippie clothes are endless. More than the materials, the way you wear your clothes is what matters. However, some of the most popular materials that are used in the hippie trend are laces, crochets, denim, leather, suede, etc. Turquoise colored materials and accessories are trendy in hippie fashion.  

Some Tips On Sewing Hippie Clothes

Sewing hippie clothes are not difficult at all. Here are some of the most popular sewing patters that you may want to incorporate while stitching your hippie clothes.

Embroidery – Embroidering patterns on your clothes is one of the most popular things among hippies. You can pick your favourite fabrics and colored threads for this. You can embroider flowers or any popular hippie symbols on your tops and pants.

Stitching patches – Sewing in patches and appliqués on your clothes are also popular among hippies. You can either follow the zigzag or straight stitches while sewing your desired patches on your clothes.

Sewing Pattern – Other than floral prints, hippie patterns also include trellis, kilim, paisley, and tribal prints, etc.

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Hippie style is very funky and cool. There are endless variants to choose from in this fashion trend. Besides being fashionable, it is also very comfortable, making it ideal for all types of occasions and seasons. This style also gives you the freedom to explore your creativity and express yourself in the way you dress.