Boho-Chic Meaning, History and Definition

Meaning and Description

It may surprise you that the word “BoHo” is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless. Boho definition is simply a shortened form of word bohemian. It defines someone who doesn’t comply to society rules and is often interested in art.

“Boho” is often used with the word “Chic” – “Boho-Chic”. “Chic” is a French word meaning “elegant” and it was introduced into English at the end of the 19th century.

Straightforward meaning of “boho-chic” is elegant bohemian homeless.

Boho-chic is a mix of hippie and bohemian styles. Nowadays it became a synonym to floaty dresses and skirts, embroidered laces and crochet tunics.

Style and Fashion

One can find celebrities such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller or Mary-Kate Olsen wearing this style of clothing. Sienna’s Miller elder sister, designer Savannah Miller described a person wearing bohemian style as “someone, who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is profound romantic, doesn’t know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box”.

Home decor

The Boho – chic style started being highly popular from 2005, but as healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism, veganism, yoga, natural living is becoming more and more popular, so doesn’t the bohemian style retreat. One can find many internet stores, supplying clothing, accessories, home-ware or jewelry in Boho-chic style. It is popular to decorate your room with elephant, mandala motives or ethnic embroideries. This is the style where you can really open up your creativity layering colors, patterns, texture, along with a wonderful mix of furnishings and decorations, such as candles, or vases with flowers. Most of the shops prefer using durable, eco-friendly fabrics, as the style is connected also with higher awareness and ecological lifestyle. But surely you can find different supplies, as it became worldwide popular.

The boho-chic decor can vary form a very multi-color one, full of ethnic motives and deep warm dyes to a totally white one combined with natural wood elements in furniture, sea-side accessories, feathers or dream – puzzles. Vintage furniture also suits perfectly in such decor, as it is eco-friendly.

Boho Jewelry

“Bohemian homeless” wearing bracelets, necklaces and earrings, how do you like that? Boho – chic jewelry is also very easily distinguishable and fashionable style. Handcrafted, weaved from threads with wood, shell, bead elements or made of rust silver with precious stones. Both is possible.

One can just have a small detail, like a second Boho Style earring in one ear lobe, or cover wrists with a dozen of colorful bracelets. Gipsy, Indian, Middle East or Native American, ethnic from all over the world – combine everything and be a real bohoholic. Once you start – you can just never have enough. It is so beautiful.

Boho Clothing

My favorite topic. Just imagine yourself sitting on your comfy couch drinking Chai masala and enjoying chocolates, shopping for boho clothing online. Now you can do it at home, and most of the shops will ship your parcel worldwide. The globe has become so much smaller.

The style is always feminine, full of flower motives, or ethnic symbols and of course beautiful crochet designs. Vegan leather is also common. Most popular items are tunics, ponchos, maxi skirts or dresses, retro bags, harem pants, suede capes and kaftans or crochet beachwear. If you buy through established shops, who design their own clothing – items will be slow fashion, good fabrics. But I is easy to slip because of the price differences into cheaper supplies, who are not so greener planet – oriented. Choose you own attitude. Of course real boho will always be eco – friendly and sustainable.

Boho Lifestyle

So once you start wearing all those beautiful jewelry pieces, hippie clothing or ethnic accessories, once your home is cozy decorated with Boho lamps, carpets and pillows – I am sure you will start asking yourself am I actually Boho – do I still have my long natural hair, did I reduce plastic waste, is my mind relaxed and not feverish, am I actually living with the laws of nature? Boho is often defined as as a fashion of natural, free people who love and care about nature. Or maybe you will start from the other way. First, by changing your lifestyle, becoming nature activist, yoga practitioner or vegan and simultaneously changing your style of clothing. In any way – I believe the Boho style is very modern and represents today’s values. So be inspired, be creative and start being aware.