Boho Outfit Ideas For The Office

Most people associate boho fashion with casual days in the sun. But if you know anything about the boho-chic style, it is a very versatile way of dressing. They are suitable for every season and occasion.

It is also very forgiving on all types of bodies, which makes it a favorite for many. With a little bit of effort and picking out the right items, there is no reason why you cannot wear boho-chic fashion to work.

Today we share our top tips on how you can wear your boho-chic outfits to work without compromising your professionalism.

  1. A structured blazer can make all the difference.
    A tailor-made blazer that has a good structure is one of the best ways to balance your boho chic outfits in the office environment. You can pair this item with loose flowing skirts, a fitted one, and trousers or over a flowy dress. 
    Adding a blazer to an outfit will instantly add a touch of corporate and formal air to it. For versatility and to make the best out of it, a structured blazer in a dark color is your best choice.
  2. Printed blouses are chic.
    A printed blouse paired with formal bottom wear is appropriate for most corporate environments. Floral prints and paisley prints are a great choice. Refrain from bold prints and stick to smaller prints as they look more formal. 
    These blouses look great when paired with skirts and trousers. You can experiment with blouson sleeves or varied hemlines of the blouses, depending on the environment at work. However, we think that they look best when tucked in or cinched at the waist with a slim belt.
  3. Bring your boho shoes to work.
    Footwear that has boho elements can break up the stiff environment in the workplace. You can pair your frilled ankle boots with shift dresses and your playful wedges with an otherwise dark outfit. They also bring an unexpected element to a monochrome outfit, which is great as you have fun wearing them.
    Boho footwear typically has chunkier heels, which make them more comfortable as well. You could be on your feet the whole day without the strain of wearing heels.
  4. Experiment with boho cover-ups.
    Cover-ups are also very versatile and functional. You can put on cardigans, a kimono, or a vest to your place of work. A suede jacket in earthy tones worn over a blouse or a dress is also a great option. They make you feel dressed up, but they also keep you warm. Most offices have a chilly environment, so having these cover-ups is also very practical.
    Of course, you can always experiment with the level of prints and embellishments that would be appropriate for your office. If you work in a relaxed and creative environment, you can get away with the boldest prints and the savviest tassels. However, a more formal environment calls for a subdued embellishment.
  5. Accessories are your safest options.
    Accessories in the form of jewelry, scarves, and hair accessories can never be inappropriate. You could be wearing a full black outfit from head to toe. But when you add a turquoise statement necklace or a chunky bracelet, it magically makes your outfit more polished and bright.
    Wear a silk scarf for warmth or to make a statement. Adding a belt to a flowy dress or a skirt makes it more streamlined and gives you a nice silhouette.
    Paying attention to details such as these can make weaving your boho elements into the outfits a lot more seamless.
  6. A boho bag to carry your essentials.
    A great functional bag is everyone’s necessity. It should be roomy enough to carry all the essentials. Leather bags in darker colors with tassels or fringes in the same color are not only playful but work appropriately. 
    You don’t have to match the entire outfit with your bag, but make sure that the color and textures are harmonious and look well put together.


All it takes is a little bit of planning to take your boho-chic style to the office. The key is to find a balance between keeping it professional while expressing your individualism through your boho outfits. Also, pay attention to proportions so that you look polished and refined.