Boho Trends and Styles: Fall 2020

Boho Is As Boho Does!

As the leaves turn and part from their branches to meet the ground, the temperature drops, and the sweater-weather dawns upon us. The time has come to wrap the inner flower-child in Fall Boho-chic. That is not to say that you cannot don the Boho-look throughout the year if you desire it; the heart wants what it wants.

The Bohemian style was born out of necessity. It originated as a response to the time: dressing rather poorly compared to mainstream fashion back then. We are right to say that the Bohemian style resulted from poverty. It evolved from a need that turned into a rebellion against the social conventions and materialism.

Bohemian spells unconventional but with one tie, and that is to fashion. Bohemian, the word itself, describes a break from the norm, from what’s accepted, a refusal to conform. It is expressive and bold. Rules do not control this style.

A Bohemian is a dreamer, a romantic, a free-spirit, and all of that is in their attire. Think of the bold era, the mainstream; those restrictive corsets that made way to much looser clothing: old and distressed and filled with character.

Trends come and go, but Boho seems to be lasting; and why won’t it? The whole vibe is comfort-laced with style, grounded in earthy tones, and made up of elements as close to nature as possible. The entire look comes together as effortless and laid-back. Accessories play a significant role, be it the jewelry or the footwear, and every piece of unique add-on compliments and complete the look.

Now, onto all things Bohemian for the Fall!

Keeping It Natural With Bohemian Style

Be natural by selecting clothes made of natural fabrics like cotton, jute, linen, and hemp.

The 1960s and 1970s style inspired the Bohemian style and fashion of loose flowing clothes made from natural fabrics and tunics.

It means that the fabric ranges from cool cotton to dependable denim, soft silks to gossamer-like chiffons, resolute linen to faux fur (keeping it eco-friendly is cool!), and smooth suede to seasoned leather.

This Fall, let us go back to the roots by going ‘natural’ with the fabric selection and the color choice.

Color Scheme For Autumn

Blues, browns, greys, neutrals, pastels, all in shades of light to dark so, for example, it could be a light sky blue to perhaps turquoise and navy, a caramel brown to maroon. An easier way to think of it would be the color palette of autumn when winter is around the bend, and the leaves are changing color; that is the palette to be considered. It is not to say that you cannot mix it up a bit; purple to go with a bit of burnt orange, moss green with a bit of indigo and mustard. Then there is the lightness brought to a look by soft pastels and delicate fabric. The only exceptions are the neon colors; those do not necessarily fit in.

Layers For Hippie Fall

Take the chilling weather in stride and layer up! Talk about cardigans, old and new, bringing up childhood memories of bundling up but make it fashion; call it vintage-chic. There are knitted sweaters to match the weather, sleeves that go all the way to the fingers’ tips. Think of cozy, bulky, cardigans that bring comfort like no other with all the warmth and security of a favorite blanket. Maybe a large turtleneck knitted sweater with a pair of trousers and a long overcoat with closed shoes to complete the look.

Kimonos! Ah, the kimono is yet another gorgeous gift to fashion, courtesy of Japan. Initially, the word itself in the Japanese language means clothing. It has been welcomed wholeheartedly into the world of fashion because it will, undoubtedly, give the outfit a tasteful elegance. For instance, it brings to life a muted denim skirt or a pair of jeans with a bright or sizeable patterned design. The length varies according to the outfit, long or short, and the kimono makes any casual outfit a bit classier.

Crochet vests, crochet shrugs, crochet robes, crochet bags, crochet has a secure spot in Boho-chic and is most welcome in all of its forms. Crochet is a nod to craftsmanship, and as is in the case of embroidered garments and accessories, crochet is an appreciated craft as far as Boho style goes.

Be it in suede or leather, or even fringe, nothing has to be thought of as a western concept (even though it brings up those visuals from old films). You don’t have to play a role in a western movie to put on a gorgeous fringe; in fact, fringed jackets add another layer of uniqueness thanks to the mesh of texture and style, making a statement all on their own.

While on the fringe subject, let me also mention here that a fringed bag is an excellent accessory to have. Imagine a fringe bag accompanying a simple tee and jeans with an oversized coat. Just Fantastic! Fringed jackets or shirts or bags or skirts or dresses for that matter are all very much on-trend this Fall.

One cannot miss out on capes. Wear a cape, fly (or fall), right? These are most definitely a must-have addition to the fall wardrobe if the runways this fall fashion season are any indication at all. Hence the ideal trendy Bohemian will have a cape on standby.

Boho Styles

One cannot speak of Boho-chic and leave out maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses that skim the shins or brush the ankles or, better yet, play peek-a-boo with your toes! Imagine them in all the colors that a leaf turns; every shade of green to yellow to beige and brown. Then think of sky blues and white wisps and the softest of peaches and pinks.

Halter necks to leave your arms free or loosely covered in poufy sleeves. Poufy means a sleeve with a lot of room, like a bell sleeve or a trumpet sleeve.

Oversized everything is the charm of this Bohemian style. This style’s originality insists on clothing being loose-fitting, billowy if the mood calls for it, a size or so more extensive than what one usually wears. All of this creates the aesthetic of an easy-going, relaxed vibe.

Bring in a touch of romance with frills and fancies. Ruffled necklines, ruffled collars, and ruffled sleeves! Ruffles make dresses layered and dreamy and lend them character.

Big collars, just the way Alice did in Wonderland, keep growing and trending.

Pleated, asymmetrical, gathered, gossamer-thin, the variations in styles whether they are tunics, dresses, trousers or coats; the trick is in the pairing of garments.

Long-sleeved and sheathed like a second skin to end up with cozy turtlenecks are silhouetted column dresses, which are all the apparent rage on the runway this Fall. Think Celine and Etro.

The lingerie style of slip dresses worn over a plain tee or a close-fitting full-sleeved, high-necked top never did go out of style. Imagine that paired with a comfy oversized denim jacket and a trusty pair of boots.

Trims of embroidery layering the length of a dress, a skirt, a top with the patterns sewn on them lend to the idea of a one-of-a-kind ideal. Craft woven into the design like pretty flowers or lace details give the outfit a hippy/ folk vibe. Handcrafted, hand-woven, hand-embroidered are all attributes celebrated in the Bohemian style of clothing.

Gathered fabric that creates a ruffled hem gives shape to a peplum dress, which, when paired with leggings or ripped jeans and the right kind of wide-brimmed hat, is quite a hip look.

Bohemian Patterns And Prints

Free-spirited flower children, don’t forget to wear the flowers in your hair to match the floral patterned clothes. Floral prints can never lead your Bohemian spirit astray. Flowers make the heart joyful, even if it is black floral, so one would certainly be remiss if one did not begin to speak of the Holy Grail of the Boho style, the floral print.

Paisley is one such print that you can rely on to ring out the old year and ring in the new one. Safe to say the paisley with its curved teardrop pattern originating in Persia, can be kept company by fellow paisley printed accessories. Paisley printed accessories like jackets and scarves, and animal prints have always been all the rage, paired well with some delicate lace and a little knitted wool makes a pleasing combination.

The lace is an intricate and ornate fabric, aesthetically pleasing and adding that slight vintage to the look. When you talk about layering up, lace alone adds its charm, like a mini skirt, or a top, a full lace dress or a lace kimono; that one element of lace does the trick.

Think significant and creative, be open to curating your outfit with bold or abstract prints, tribal or geometric designs, delve back into the past and go for retro patterns.

The pattern on pattern is a trend in itself as well. Imagine a solid floral corduroy jacket over a floral breezy, flowing dress. One has to put in the thought ad can work wonders with multiple patterns.


To accessorize is to enhance the beauty of what already holds visual appeal. Accessories always serve to complement the outfit that the person wears, regardless of the style emulated. As far as the Bohemian style goes, accessories play a most vital role.

Layers are appreciated not just concerning the clothing but also where accessories are concerned. So, accessories can only mean good things. Multiple pieces are worn together in a complementary fashion.

Size matters as well. Just as oversized clothes are trendy, large pieces make a bold impact. Boho style statement rings, earrings, necklaces, multiple and varying lengths, statement pendants, bangles and bracelets, and charms all count.

Scarves are a favored add-on. They featured on the runway this fall fashion season wherein there were outfits designed around the idea and concept of the scarf, whether it was the style or pattern. Scarves can be worn on the head or tied in a stylish knot or scarves either knotted around the neck or knitted scarves just loosely draped, whether tied around the waist or the wrist, this is an accessory that has a welcome spot in the Boho Fall wardrobe.

Headwear presents a range of hats, both floppy and wide-brimmed adding that flair of creative casual without being too serious.

Another option is the headband; knotted, patterned, prints of various sorts, they’re all chic options.

Next comes the bags. One cannot do without a bag of some sort in this day and age, holding all the essentials like IDs and keys and masks. One might as well have a fun bag to keep all of it. Boho-chic presents woven straw bags, handmade bags, geometrically shaped bags, wooden hand clutches, fringe slings, oversized bags of all sorts to hold everything one might ever need on a day out.

One must never be like Cinderella and leave a shoe behind! Boots are the ideal footwear as far as the cold season is concerned. And for this Bohemian style in particular, it is safe to say that boots are perfect. Most outfits, whether fitted with trousers, pants and a kimono, or a slip dress over a tee, or a tunic with a cardigan; a gorgeous pair of ankle boots will most definitely compliment them. Ones with a fringe add that little touch of fun.

In general, footwear, whether open-toed wedges or closed shoes that range from thigh-high boots to strappy sandals and casual loafers, all rely on sticking to Bohemian’s cardinal rule style; which is comfort first. Which means kitten heels or flat-heeled footwear is the way to go.


Word on the street is that the Bohemian trend this Fall, particularly, is veering towards modern folk in stylization and inspiration. There seem to be details put into designs with the touch of craft,. This helps bring to mind folklore and some romance.

If the runway is any indication, the transition from Bohemian summer to Boho fall/winter will be seamless with the heavy, oversized coats and quirky knitted woollens. So, all we can do is try and remember to have fun and mix it up.