Floral Dresses, Flowery Pattern, Flower Print For Weddings, Summer, Beach And Night Party

Since the time techniques of printing on clothing have been invented, there has been an outburst of different creative patterns used to decorate a dress, which is a head turner! Nature has always been an inspiration for patterns. Leaves, flowers, vines have still been creatively used to make mesmerizing patterns and prints. Using flowers has always been the predominant choice. The flowery print design and the floral dresses with big flower motifs or small flower motifs have withstood the test of time and have always been in fashion for ages!

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The type and style of floral dresses and patterns might have changed over time, but it has never looked old. With time the use of colors and floral motifs might have changed, but the appealing factor of flower prints always remained vibrant in the world of fashion. In this article, we will be discussing the journey of floral patterns and dresses. 

The Journey Of The Floral Pattern

Floral patterns are being used from ancient times. The earliest record of these types of patterns being used was during the early Egyptian civilization. During the medieval times and the renaissance era, the floral dresses were extensively used. In those times, these highly exquisite dresses were reserved mainly for the people of the higher class, the rich people to be precise. As time passed by, these patterns started to be worn by everybody. 

The floral dresses have always being a big part of the Asian cultures. The Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures have always used flower prints in their dresses. From daily wear to occasional wear, flowery patterns were widely used.

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During the 1950s and the 1960s, bright and big floral patterns were seen on dresses. The pastel colors and big bright patters made them a huge hit. It was worn by every one and took the fashion world by storm. During the 1980s, there was a shift to smaller size floral patterns and darker colors where a dark color was used as the background for light-colored flowers. This made a look with high contrast. 

During the 1990s, the density of the flowers was decreased, and a lot of negative space was used. Along with that, darker and more muted colors dominated the floral patterns. During the 2010s, there was a shift to micro prints. Tiny floral prints were used all over dresses. Along with that, geometrical shapes and flowers were used to create more modern-looking styles. 

Till today, floral patterns are not only reserved for occasional dresses, wedding gowns, beachwear, and holiday wear. Floral patterns and dresses are still a huge hit in the children’s fashion category and are still prevalent in the world of fashion for adults. 

Use Of Floral Dresses For A Vibrant Makeover

Floral dresses are not worn on certain occasions. Floral prints decors all types of dresses from mini dresses to long gowns! It is also used in wedding gowns, summer wear, beachwear, nightwear, and even kids ware. There are different types of floral dresses, and some of them are discussed below:

  • Wedding gowns: wedding gowns are the single biggest canvas where floral prints are still widely used. From pocket-friendly gowns to designer gowns, you’ll find a catalog full of floral prints. There are the common full white gowns on which floral patterns are made with fabrics and nets. The more fabulous dresses are the ones on which there are multicolor floral prints. These gowns are becoming extremely popular in different cultures around the world. The reason being they bring a sense of natural happiness through its choice of colors.
  • Summer wear: Floral print fashion become even trendier during summertime and springtime. In these times, you can rock all sorts of casual looks with floral designs. The best choice of being floral shirts. These half sleeve floral shirts, when paired with hats and shorts, make the perfect casual summer look. For the ladies, skirts with floral patterns paired with a single colored top look pretty enough for summer. 
  • Beachwear: This is one of those occasions where you don’t need things about what kind of fashion you are rocking. Flower print beachwear brings a Hawaiian feel to beaches all around the world. They both fit the occasion and look trendy. Floral beachwear comes in a lot of different styles, from a single one-piece to a skirt or shorts. They present themselves as the ultimate combination of comfort and style. 
  • Nightwear: Floral prints add hues to a dress. The splash of colors with the flowery prints makes the dress not only bright and attractive but also makes it eye soothing. Nightwear is mostly designed in two parts- a short inner and a long gown that is worn over it. The inner is generally in solid colors, and the gown is with flower prints, the color of which contrasts with the solid color of the inner. It is also the other way round where the gown is of solid color, and the inner is with bright hues of floral prints. 

Another type of nightwear is a Tee along with trousers. The Tees are generally of floral and block prints, and the trousers are of solid colors. The designs and the colors of both the Tees and the trousers complement each other. The colors of nightwear are generally of lighter shades. 

A fashion statement reflects one’s personality! The sense of fashion depends mostly on the dress that you are wearing. So those prints on your dress matter a lot! The more vibrant your sense of style is, the more alluring your look is. The perfect print can make you look gorgeous or smirky or can even add elegance to your look. Floral prints can buy you the look that you deserve. Lighter shades like a white, pink, pearl with floral motifs are sure to bring that freshness on a summer morning! On the contrary, a gorgeous blue or a vibrant red with floral motifs will be a perfect fit for the wintry evening.  

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So the next time you step out wearing your flowery print dress, just pair it with the perfect set of accessories, and you will surely steal the show!