How to Style a Bohemian Maxi Dress

A free-spirited and careless woman is considered a gypsy. You see a lot of boho girls on social media, and even on the street. Being a boho does not only mean claiming yourself as one, but it should also reflect on your fashion style.

Today, we are going to discuss how to style a bohemian maxi dress. If you want to dress boho, the first thing to invest in your wardrobe is a boho maxi dress that comes in every style, lengths, necklines, and prints.

If you want to dress like a bohemian, here’s how you can get started.

Boho Maxi Dresses: A Glimpse of the Carefree Style

The origin of bohemian maxi dresses can be traced back to France. During this time, most artists and skilled craftswomen are seen to wear this type of dress. The 18 th century intensified the trend of chic boho dresses. This dress is defined as flowy dresses with vibrant colors, long skirts, and a hanging neckline. It gave birth to the bohemian style.

Sienna Miller is one of the most influential fashion icons when it comes to bohemian style. During the 2000’s up to 2006, her style resonated and influenced budding gypsies who wanted to dress up like a boho-chic.

Bohemian Style and the Rise of Early Gypsies

Designers were able to adapt the nomadic style not just in living but also in dresses. Boho dresses are meant to be comfortable, the complete opposite of the trendy clothes, and completely detached from the current trends.

Today, the emergence of bohemian style dresses has become a significant fashion trend, especially to nomadic people. Women who are seen wearing long, maxi dresses in a boho style are perceived as free-spirited and carefree ladies who want to take a step closer to nature.

For starters, here are the following styles and types of boho-chic clothing nowadays. 

Sleeves length

  • Long Bell Sleeves- this type of sleeve has a full flare at the hem of the sleeves, taking after a bell shape. Most hippie maxi dress has this style to emphasize the carefree and comfortable style of bohemians.
  • Petal Sleeves- this type of sleeves is determined when the two edges are overlapping with each other. Usually short, these skimpy sleeves are perfect for boho summer dresses.

Neck types

  • Cross-over Halter Style Neckline – this type of neckline is most suitable for girls with small breasts. It is mostly seen in bohemian styled dresses because of the comfort that it offers. The strings come from the sides of the breasts to join at the back of the leg. This type of neckline usually has large back exposure.
  • Off-Shoulder, Bardot – this is the common type of neckline usually seen in bohemian maxi dresses. The shoulders and the neck are bare. It is ideal in almost any body type and can also accentuate the breasts.

When to Wear Your Boho Maxi Dress

Now, you might be wondering when to wear your precious bohemian chic dress. While it can be very comfortable to wear on a regular basis, doing your work or simply wandering around nature, here are the following events that will most likely call for a chic bohemian dress.

  • Beach Parties- boho dresses are best known for their versatility, and it is mostly seen in beach parties. Imagine dancing with your lover wearing long, flowy skirts and a flower crown in your head in the sand. Sounds romantic, right?
  • Music Festival- one of the popular music festival is Coachella, held in Canada. In this festival, you will find all types of boho girls wearing all types of boho dresses. If you want to attend next year’s festival, you better start looking for your best boho outfit.
  • Summer Holidays- boho summer dresses are also suitable for the upcoming summer holidays. It is light and comfortable. With vibrant colors and soft fabric, you can be stylish without having to compromise comfort this summer.
  • Everyday outfit- do you want to add a touch of boho style in your wardrobe? Incorporate it into your daily outfit. You can wear your above-the-knee boho dress, ankle boots, lots of jewelries and pair it with a leather jacket when going to school or work. The combination of modern and bohemian style has become a popular trend today, and some actresses, even actors, are seen combining modern outfits with their boho pieces.

Best Bohemian Outfit Ideas

Now that you know the history of bohemian style and a little bit of its history, here are the following bohemian outfit ideas that you can try with your bohemian dress.

1. Wear your bohemian maxi dress with metallic gladiator sandals, some floral embellishment, and if you want to show a little leg, look for maxi dresses with a long slit.

2. If you are already in your 30s, vibrant colors may not appeal to you that much. Try solid colors such as brown, beige, or any earth-toned colors. Pair it with a leather jacket, flats, and some minimal jewelry to complete the look.

3. Opt for a white off-shoulder boho summer maxi dress, pair it with silver sandals, and lots of silver jewelry, preferably bracelets dangling in your arms. You can complete the look with a flower crown in your hair and some vibrant makeup.


Bohemian style is a fashion trend that is timeless and will never go out of style. Express your carefreeness and being connected to nature by wearing boho maxi dresses.

There are lots of ways in which you can show the world how much of a gypsy you are. The nomad life is a very exciting life to lead. Someone who dresses as boho is always seen as a happy, vibrant individual who is full of life. Become a boho today and try out the best hippie dresses to get started.

What are you waiting for? Transform your wardrobe into a boho-inspired clothing section, beginning with a few vital boho dresses.