How To Wear Boho Style

Boho style is made of unconventional pairing and layering of fabric which often creates a flowy, shapeless silhouette. Started with the hip culture in 1960’s, Boho is back in fashion in 2019’s once again. The Renaissance of Boho reoccured in 2005 with such influencing stars like Mary – Kate Olshen, Kate Moss or Sienna Miller. From the older generation Jane Birkin, Ali McGraw and Janis Joplin describes the epitome of Boho fashion.

Boho style features ethnic tribal accents like beads, feathers, fringes, Aztec or Middle East prints which usually define a more carefree lifestyle.

Would you like to be one of Boho Divas? The great news is that this style has no age and is timeless. Boho clothing can be worn by all age, size and shape. Moreover, this fashion style is very easy to pull off for the more effortless it looks, the better!

So be brave, improvise carefree and feel divalike. Let us begin the bohemian journey.

How to Begin

The start is simple – purchase a basic white blouse – it will match all. You can experiment with flowy, asymmetrical skirts first and pair them with your basic white tees. Wide belts will also match the assembly perfectly.

If you are more daring – try experimenting with layers. The more asymmetrical layers and unconventional silhouette the better. Pair it up with gladiator sandals or knee-high boots – you will look artistic and original.

Boho Dresses

Wearing a Boho dress will always make you look very feminine and romantic. Weather going for a date or just on a seaside holiday – the style suits perfect. Long, flower motive, flowy off-shoulder dress or see-through lace dress. Want to cover it a bit – use a Boho printed scarf.

Imagine yourself with long hair, sun tanned, standing on the beach observing the wonderful sunset. The subtle ruffles of your dress as well as your hair tousle in the wind. It’s a perfect view.

What about long-leg divas, who love mini dresses. While Boho style is more about long drapes and fabrics, you can still flaunt it in minis. Embroidered, with ethnic motives or flowers. High neck or off-shoulder. There is a kind for very taste. Paired up with knee-high brown suede boots, matching lace cardigans it will look fantastic.

Instead of a mini dress you can also experiment with oversized coats, Aztec print and same knee- high boots.

Photo credit: Ibizabohogirl

Boho Trousers

Some women just can’t get out of trousers. But what if they want to dress boho. Well, just great. You will never find anything more comfortable than bohemian ones. Like harem pants. Soft cotton will caress your skin. And Indian motives or embroideries with mirror details, rhombus shapes will amuse your eyes. Maybe you prefer elephant or mandala motives, maybe arabic ones, or peacock feathers, or solid color with huge pockets. Solid color could be tailored from dense silk – this will make you look really Boho – chic.

Or maybe you prefer solid color baggy linen pants. Those are the most comfortable ones. Try classical wide leg hippie trousers or printed flare pants.

Yoga Leggings

With more and more popularity in practicing yoga – there is a lot sense in acquiring Boho leggings. Here the print is the keyword. Mandala, Moroccan print, star or cosmos print, exotic flower print. Or maybe colours of the seven chakras. There is a huge variety on the internet. Combined with a longer T-shirt will make you the Diva of Yoga class.

Natural Beauty

Boho and natural is synonymous. If you enjoy long, tousled hair, natural not to colourful – go for a mix of rich neutral tones that create abstract prints. The secret of neutral tones is that it has the ability to intertwine dramatically different patterns into perfect sync.

Be confident and carefree with your body. Boho – is not caring too much and loving your body, no matter what size or shape – it is the perfect individual creation of Mother Nature.

Boho Tops

Off – shoulder is the keyword. White tops will match everything. But also experiment with neutral color, silky unconventional silhouette shoulder stripe tops.

Does Boho Means Multicolor

Definitely not. You can try monochromatic ensembles. They will look boho with patterned materials or unconventional layering.

Or go for white all over plus accessories. For example flowy ivory maxi dress, weaved head piece arm cuffs, bangles and vintage necklaces and you are all set to go.

One more option – is gradient hues along with drapes of laces, widening from top to bottom. You can pair it up with a tribal necklace.

Don’t like white – black all-over is your ensemble. Pair it up with brown knee-high leather boots, black neckband, huge silver earrings, plain hair and off you go.

Boho Cardigans

Those would be long sleeve, soft-knit or lace cardigans, preferably white, dark navy, all tone of brown colours.

So let’s hit the shops right now!

Time to get you own Boho style clothes! The list above ist is just a mere guide. True Boho is all about being yourself. So be creative with prints, textures, accessories and layers of fabric! Feel happy and carefree with your body and you will definitely rock.

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