Must-have Boho Shoes For Every Boho Girl

Just like the right shoe can complete your outfit, the wrong one has the potential to sabotage the look.  You might have on the snazziest outfit, but if your shoes are neglected and scruffy, it ruins your outfit. So, there is much consideration that is required in choosing the right footwear.

And wearing the right footwear is absolutely vital when it comes to nailing the perfect boho-chic look. Strappy and gladiator sandals are not the only choice of boho footwear that you can choose from. Just like any other style of dressing, your boho footwear should complement your entire outfit and make it look harmonious.

It all begins with having the right pieces of footwear in your wardrobe. In this post, we have compiled a list of the must-have boho shoes that every hippie-loving girl needs in her arsenal.

Strappy sandals

They come in a wide variety of designs and colors, but essentially they have the same function. Not only are these sandals a perfect choice for the summer, but they also work well with all types of outfits.

These types of footwear are lightweight and breathable. They are also typically made of leather or other organic material which renders them long-lasting. They are also a perfect choice for when you’re in a rush to get out the door.

You can take your pick from the flip-flops, gladiator designs, those with tassels and fringe details on the ankles and so on. A pair of Birkenstocks is also a must-have for every boho woman.


The seamless blend of earthy tones as well as the natural materials makes the clog a quintessential boho shoe. Apart from this, they are an excellent choice for every boho outfit.

Clogs with heels work exceptionally well with semi-formal occasions that require a little more dressing up. Although you can choose from a wide variety of colors and materials, a clog with a medium to low heel and a dark upper with leather is the best choice. Not only will these work with every outfit, but they will also last longer.

Ankle boots

Is any boho wardrobe complete without a pair of ankle boots? Whether it is a cowboy style, a suede one with frill details, or a dark leather boot with metal studs – they are some of the most beloved among the boho community.

They are so versatile and practical, which makes them a great choice of footwear. Ankle boots also have the innate ability to add an element of oomph and sass to any outfit. You can never go wrong with a pair of ankle boots whether you want to pair them with dresses, shorts, jeans, or skirts.

Another great thing about ankle boots for a boho outfit is, you can be as fancy as you want. Go for those with frills and outlandish tassels, and you look more authentic and have the potential to make the outfit distinctly your own.


No, we are not talking about those sneakers from the likes of Adidas and Nike. Low top sneakers and canvas in designs as vibrant as the rainbow itself. They come in a wide variety of designs. Ethnic prints, floral prints, paisleys, and many other designs.

They are perfect for the more casual among us, and they work well with casual outfits.

Sneakers are also a great choice for when you have to attend festivals or engage in walking as well. They are also among the most comfortable footwear you can have.


Heels and boho? How do they work, you might ask. Well, platform heels in vibrant colors and wedges with floral accents are some of the dressier boho shoes that work perfectly for fancier occasions.

The colors and designs are all up to your personal taste. However, we love those that have turquoise accents on them or a platform heel with tribal and floral patterns work perfectly.

Riding boots

Riding boots are a class on their own. They are the perfect boho shoes for the colder months. Apart from their practicality, you can literally wear them with every outfit, which makes them very functional. Pair them with your flowy dresses and a cardigan or over skinny jeans for the ultimate boho chic.

Although you cannot go wrong while choosing a riding boot for your boho outfit, those pairs in warm browns with buckles are the perfect boho shoes.

Final thoughts

The perfect boho shoe is one which is comfortable, complements your wardrobe and one you love wearing repeatedly. Your footwear should only make you feel great and walk taller but should be the final touch to your outfit and an expression of your free-spirited boho personality.