The Definitive Guide to Boho Decor

For many folks, bohemianism is a way of life. Fashion and style are an expression of the carefree and free-spirited way of living. But many people misunderstand that personal style is the only way that people express their boho style. However, the intricacy of the boho style goes way beyond the form of dressing.

Boho decor is the ultimate way of blending modern sensibilities with a relaxed and carefree aesthetic. It is the way people choose to express their unconventional and intriguing lifestyles in an abode they call home. In many ways, boho decor is a reflection of the wanderlust which blends the colors, artifacts, and objects tastefully collected from the four corners of the globe.

But you don’t have to travel around in a van to add a bohemian touch to your home. You could be in a quaint little corner of the world and still deck your living and sleeping quarters in boho finery.

But just how do you translate this amazing way of life into a bedroom or a living room without looking like a typhoon swept over the room? We show you how.

Start with the paint

The environment of a place is hugely influenced by color. So, a great place to start is by painting. Painting the room in that perfect color is the easiest and also the best way to start the transformation.
Choose warm and deep colors such as greens, browns, and mustard yellows. You will eventually be adding a lot of color into the room, so getting the walls and the floors ready with the base color is a great option

Furniture should tell a story

Every boho furniture tells a story. It is not something you order from a store and bring home. Thrift stores and vintage furniture stores are the best places to find your furniture.
Do not be afraid to repurpose cabinets, headboards, and canopy beds. Tables and chairs with ornate designs on the feet and arms should not be passed on.
A boho home is not complete without a couple of chaise lounges with overstuffed pillows for lazing around. Add plush couches and chairs as well as a butterfly chair. A hammock in a corner or a veranda is the ultimate dream.

Window treatments need not be expensive

A boho abode is not structured; it is an expression. Beaded curtains, bamboo shades, lace panels, and colorful curtains can instantly elevate the look of your living area. You can also use colored glass to your window for an added elegance.
You can mix fabrics as well as patterns and designs as curtains. Those fabrics which have embellishments and trimmings are the most ideal.

Eclectic and individualized decor

These seemingly small pieces of objects can bring much personality to your home. Consider adding metallic objects, candlesticks in varying heights, colored and ornate flower vases. Apothecary jars filled with seashells and colored stones also make a great piece of decor.
If you have pieces of art or object that you have collected from your travels or a family heirloom from the 50s, give them a central place where they get the attention they deserve. Gilded mirrors, chandeliers, chipped china, and vintage bottles are great conversation starters as well.
Give life to old lamps by painting them in your favorite color, use colorful and embellished lampshades. Hang up a piece of intricate fabric on the wall or maybe even paint your own artwork and display it.
Rugs with patterns or braided rugs not only add character to the floor, but they also add warmth to a cold concrete or hardwood floor. Tablecloths or any piece of fabric which have interesting designs can be used as rugs as well.

Comfortable and colorful bedding

Do not restrict your flair of boho décor to the artworks. Quilts which have been made of patchwork by a grandmother or an aunt are one of the most cherished pieces in many a bohemian home.
Repurpose an old quilt with patches, the patchier it is, the more authentic it looks. Your bedspreads and pillows can also follow the same rule.
If you have a tall poster bed or a canopy bed, use sheer or silk fabrics to drape along the lengths of the post. Tie it in place with a contrasting ribbon.

The right lighting can transform the ambiance

Lighting is paramount when it comes to the overall environment of a place. Jarring and blinding lightning does not have a place in a boho environment. Fill your space with understated and warm lighting. You can easily make your own lampshades to get the right light.
Table lamps, overhead fixtures, candelabras, and floor lamps can all brighten up space while unifying the entire place as well.

Bring in the nature into your design

No place is complete without a couple of greens. Adding a couple of greenery to a space can truly blend the natural and warm aesthetics of the boho décor and home in general.
Consider adding a couple of indoor plants of choice. Succulents are a great option as they are easy to care for. A wide variety of hanging plants, peace lilies and ferns are also great options. Plants not only add a natural element to your home, but they also purify the air as well.

Some tips for nailing the boho aesthetic in your home.

  • It is ok not to have a color scheme or a theme.
  • You can always add DIY artwork to your walls.
  • You can never have too much décor in your living area.
  • Layering textures and patterns can add depth and create visual harmony.
  • Do not feel pressured to decorate all the walls. The important thing is only to add pieces of artwork that you love.