The Many Faces of Boho Bags

Bags are an integral accessory to an outfit irrespective of your style. It is no less different for boho chic. Any stylist worth his salt maintains that bags can make or break and outfit. And we totally agree with the statement. 

When it comes to bags, there is a plethora of designs, trends and materials. But boho bags are unique in that they are sustainable and are organic. They are far from following the trends and so they have a definite world of their own.

Boho bags works perfectly for every season, and they have an inherently relaxed vibe about them. The versatility and practicality are what makes the boho bag so fun to incorporate into an outfit. It’s no wonder they are a favorite from celebrities to runways to the average girl on the street. 

Reasons why boho bags are so iconic

The current trends of micro-purses and bamboo totes were good while they lasted. But they are trends and trends go out of style. Boho bags have been holding their ground so steadily because of the following reasons.

  1. Versatility.
    With curvy and expandable designs, boho bags are the ultimate carryalls. You can fit everything from makeup, lunch box, and water bottle to an extra pair of denim or tops for a quick change later. 
    Even if you don’t have so much to carry around, well, you can always keep them guessing what you have in that chic, mysterious bag of yours. 
  2. Low maintenance.
    Boho bags are like the best friend who is down to earth and ready to go out with you wherever you need. They are among the least of the accessories which need regular maintenance. You can hang them by the door and throw on your shoulders as you hastily make an exit.
  3. They are fun.
    For lack of a better adjective, boho bags are fun. With their long and sturdy straps, slouchy and carefree body, with myriad designs and embellishments, they resurrect the real meaning of fun in an accessory.

What elements to look for in boho bags?

Boho bags are intrinsically timeless, and they wear well with every season and occasion. Although getting it wrong with a boho style is very slight, you can go wrong and end up looking ridiculous. To avoid this, here we show you what elements to look for while styling with boho bags.

  • Designs – At the risk of sounding repetitive, you have a world of choice when it comes to boho bags designs. You can choose your ideal bag among the multitude of style and designs. 
    If however, you need inspiration, look for such bags which have patchwork designs, bucket style designs, and tribal print designs. 
  • Materials – Boho bags which are made of materials such as leather, rattan, suede, and denim are the quintessential boho accessory.
  • Detailing – Accessories for nailing the boho-chic look must have detailing. These can be in the form of tassels, crotchet, lace, and beads, among others. Look for those bags which have braid detailing, perforated detailing, fringes and other embellishments. 
  • Color – Boho accessories are as colorful as the rainbow. However, it pays to choose the colors that look harmonious with your overall outfit and personality. 
    You can go even go for neon color boho bags as long as they are made of natural materials. This is important as a loud color in fax, or synthetic material can make the bag look cheap. 

How to style boho bags?

Boho bags are ideal for every girl and every occasion. But for obvious reasons, you cannot carry that large tote to a fancy wedding and expect to look your best. In this section, we show you our top tips on how to style boho bags for every occasion. 

  1. For an everyday look.
    Irrespective of your personal style and season, if you love boho bags, chances are you love to experiment and are carefree. A classic boho bag with tassels, patterned bags or those with Aztec prints should complete your look effortlessly. 
    You can wear those with long straps and the longest fringes and tassels as long as you feel comfortable. 
  2. For the girl on the move.
    If you have a job or a lifestyle that requires you to carry a lot of equipment and other knick-knacks throughout the day, a large carryall can be the perfect solution. The patterns and designs can be anything of choice as long as the straps are strong and sturdy. Messenger bags made of leather are also an excellent option as well. 
    Another great alternative of boho bags for those who love to travel is a backpack. Boho backpacks come with patterns and a tapestry of intriguing detailing. 
  3. For formal occasions. 
    A formal occasion coming up on the calendar? Don’t fret. A clutch with colorful ethnic designs, a purse with tassels or a leather one with metal accents will add an element of playfulness to an otherwise full black outfit. 
    If you are not the clutch or purse kind of girl, a structured sling is a fantastic option. Choose the ones in a muted color and those with subtle detailing. 
  4. For work.
    If you work freelance or in an environment where the dress code is not too strict, you can get away with any style of boho bags. A messenger bag or totes and shoulder bags in muted and warm colors will work for any working environment. 
    But we have a feeling that if you are a boho-chic girl, chances are, you are not tied down in a workplace where there is strict corporate attire. So, there is no need to worry about whether or not your accessories fit in.

Final thoughts

Every woman needs a bag that is personal and expresses her individual style. Boho bags are fun in their designs and aesthetics, but they are much more than that. They are versatile and timeless. They lend an element of whimsical and carefree to an outfit as well as the wearer. And god knows, we all need whimsical, every once in a while.