The Ultimate Boho Jewelry Guide

In the days of yore, wearing jewelry was an epitome of prestige, wealth, and power. Women have been wearing jewelry since the dawn of civilization. The earliest womenfolk used seashells around the neck and floral wreaths on their heads to symbolize their status and origin.

Although some cultures around the world still use jewelry as a symbol of social status, it is not the only reason why we wear them today. Jewelry as we know it has a substantial influence on an outfit in the modern world. The right jewelry is the proverbial icing on the cake on an otherwise basic outfit.

Most items of jewelry are either classified according to the type of metal they constitute or what category they belong to. However, boho jewelry has a distinct place in the world of ornaments. But this exciting feature is the least of what makes boho jewelry distinct and beautiful.

What makes boho jewelry so unique?

In today’s world of Instagram influencers, every other person wants to be the next minimalist icon. But the maximalist aesthetic of boho jewelry is what makes it inherently beautiful and unique. Even an untrained eye can easily distinguish boho jewelry from others.

Apart from the luxuriant look of the jewelry, other reasons why boho jewelry stands a mile apart from others include;

  • Deeply rooted in nature
    Boho jewelry looks wildly tantalizing, but if you look closely, there is no other jewelry that is closely connected to nature. Some of the best boho jewelry are pieces of genuine gemstones, pearls, bones, leather, metal, and wood.
    The current generation got obsessed with going organic just a few decades ago. But boho jewelry such as pearl has been around since the age of ancient Greeks, and other stones have been around since the 17th century. Can any other piece of jewelry beat that?
  • Intricate and variedly designed
    No other piece of jewelry can boast of intricate and varied designs like boho jewelry. From African designs to Moroccan to Mexican and all different tribal designs in between, they are as diverse as they come.
  • No limit to layering
    One of the most distinctive features of boho jewelry is the freedom to layer as much jewelry as you want and still look cool. Layering too many pieces of jewelry can sometimes make the wearer look like Christmas tree, but not boho jewelry. You can wear all the pieces you want from head to toe, and you will look even more individualistic and unique.

Must-have pieces of boho jewelry

As a boho queen, you probably have curated a box full of enviable jewelry. However, if you are embarking on the boho fashion or need to freshen up your ideas, here is our list of the must-have pieces of jewelry every boho girl needs to have.

  • Rings – Metal rings especially silver, African finger rings, rings with artistic and tribal designs, simple metal ring that you can stack, rings with turquoise beads or stones.
  • Necklaces – Those styles with beads and tassels, tribal necklaces, feather designs, layered necklace, wood beads, and Moroccan jewelry are the perfect neckpieces.
  • Armlets and bracelets – Mexican bracelets, bracelets and bangles with beads and tassels in colorful designs or muted metal.
  • Earrings – For earrings, stick to tassels and colorful designs. Metal designs are great, but they also pull the ear so if you love metal earrings, look for long dangly ones without too much weight.
  • Anklets – There is no other piece of jewelry that translates exotic and enchanting like an intricate anklet. Unlike other pieces of jewelry where you might have to take the designs and weight into consideration, the sky is the limit when it comes to anklets.
  • Headgear – The boho headgear is not limited to turbans and scarves. You can incorporate jeweled, tasseled, pearl hairpins and metal headgear to your boho jewelry collection.

Ways to nail the boho chic with boho jewelry

The boho chic is not for the faint of heart. And boho jewelry is nothing less of extravagant and wild. But between expressing your bohemian wild child and looking tacky, there exists only a fine line. In this section, we show you ways to elevate your looks with boho jewelry.

  • Avoid anything artificial
    Remember what we said above about boho jewelry being rooted in nature? We still stand by it. Avoid buying and wearing jewelry with artificial fabrics and shades, and god forbid, plastic. Although these designs may catch your eye at the local market, these look extremely tasteless and can ruin your look. They are not made to last as well.
    Stay away from such things as faux fabrics as well. Not only do these look cheap, but they can also irritate your skin.
  • Look for organic designs
    Boho jewelry takes inspiration from tribal and ethnic designs. Those designs which look futuristic and bear neon colors are not concurrent with the very element of bohemianism.
  • Boho chic is not minimalistic
    Boho fashion, as well as jewelry, is on the other spectrum of minimalism. Those dainty pieces of jewelry might be perfect in minimalist heaven, but it can destroy your boho outfit. It will also scream amateur like nothing else.

Can I style boho jewelry for a formal occasion?

Absolutely! And we don’t mean they suit destination weddings. Boho jewelry, when selected correctly, can be perfectly worn for formal and dressier occasions.

For such black-tie occasions, the best boho jewelry are those which are made of natural stones, gems, or a precious stone. These add an element of uniqueness and individuality to your outfit. If you love metal jewelry, wear those which have muted aesthetics such as an antique gold.

Pearl is another excellent boho jewelry that you can add to any outfit, irrespective of the occasion. It is understated yet so elegant, and you still get to express your individual style. It could be a pearl ring, necklace, or an earring. 

You can use that pearl hairpin in your hair. This will keep your hair in place but also make you feel and look great.