Ultimate Guide to Boho Fashion in Winter

For a novice, boho fashion is all about flowy and summery outfits. But if you have any level of exposure to real bohemian fashion, you will agree with us when we say it is the most versatile way of dressing. Boho fashion can be styled in very individualistic ways which make it perfect for every season.

Photo credit: Instagram – @layerboots

Nailing your boho-chic looks in winter is not difficult. If you have some key essentials and you are willing to be creative, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look perfect in your boho outfit during the chilly months.

In this post, we show you some neat styling tips to upgrade your boho-chic credentials. And also stay warm and protected. After all, there is no outfit worth wearing if it does not protect you from the elements.

Pile On The Layers

One of the most distinctive features of bohemian fashion is layering. And you can use this to your advantage during the winter. Layering chunky sweaters and cardigans over long dresses, a thick wool jacket over printed tops, a maxi skirt over warm leggings, the options are limitless. Not only will this help you nail the ultimate boho-chic look, but you stay warm with the extra layers.

A word of caution here – You need to be smart about picking the right garments for layering. Too many layers can make you look like you are drowning in your clothes, especially if you are on the shorter side. To counteract this, wear heels so it add inches to your height.

Swap Sandals For Boots

There is no denying that strappy sandals are the perfect bohemian footwear. But they are not very functional when the air is chilly outside. Bring out all the boots in your boho arsenal this winter. It is the perfect time to put them into action: ankle boots, cowboy boots, knee length boots and many others.

Knee-length boots with jeans, ankle boots worn with long dresses and maxi skirts are just the perfect outfit combinations for a chic winter look. Combat boots and biker styles are great options for running errands while sheepskin ankle boots keep you warm at home or in the office. These are not only practical, but they raise your boho-chic factor significantly.

Swaddle In Chunky Knits

Everyone loves the warm cozy feeling of wearing chunky knits – cable knit sweaters, high-neck sweaters, long-line knitted sweaters and so on. They are excellent at keeping you warm, but they are also a great boho outfit piece. You can wear them singularly with trousers, jeans, and a skirt. But you can cleverly style them over long dresses or wear them underneath jackets and coats as well.

This goes without saying but when you wear a big fluffy knit on top, try to keep the bottom part slim-line, so you don’t end up looking enormous or shabby. A long line cardigan with a dress and belted at the waist keeps you looking polished and chic.

Add Outwear To Your Outfits

Outerwear not only adds an element of stylishness to your outfit, but they also keep the layering theme alive and most importantly, keep you warm and protected.

Oversized wool coats, faux fur jackets, raincoats, and denim jackets are quintessential winter boho garments you can add to your outfit. You can wear them with any type of outfit and maintain your style quotient.

Colorful ponchos, as well as capes, are also excellent additions that you can incorporate into your winter boho outfits.

Best Accessories For Winter Boho Fashion

In winter, your priority is to stay warm and protected. But this does not mean that you cannot spice up your outfits with accessories. Consider the following options.


Apart from keeping you warm, scarves add a touch of finesse to an otherwise basic outfit. You will not go wrong with an oversized scarf draped carelessly around your neck. An infinity scarf or a long knitted scarf with tassels is just the perfect accessory to add to your outfit.


Floppy straw hats are synonymous with summer boho outfit, but they are just as great for winter. After all, you need protection from the winter’s sun and still look cool. This season is also the right time to pull out your beanies. There is something very relaxed and sophisticated about this piece of headwear.

If you are worried about messing up your hair or you sweat a lot, you can wear a headband. Knitted headbands and those made of wool can keep you warm while making you look stylish.

Socks/leg warmers

You can always choose to wear jeans or maxi skirts in winter. But another way to raise the bar on your winter boho style is to add socks to your outfit. Not the basic, thin socks; we mean those knee-length ones with lace trims.

These socks or leg warmers look great when worn with skirts or dresses. They also cool and playful when worn with knee-length boots and they peek out at the top.


Every girl needs a good bag irrespective of the season and winter is no different. Unlike other accessories where you might have to consider its practicality in the freezing cold, you can add your bag of choice to your boho winter outfit.

Of course, those with tassels and fringes are always the ultimate choice. You can keep your outfit muted and complete it with a statement boho bag. The only thing you might want to be careful is not to take leather bags out when it’s snowing or raining; because leather and water don’t mix.

Final Thoughts

Bohemian fashion is very versatile and accommodates everyone’s style and requirements. It is a great way to welcome the colder months and look put-together for every occasion.

And because boho fashion does not play by any rules, you can make your outfits very personal and still spread its essence. Achieving your prefect winter boho look comes down to finding the right pieces to layer, staying warm as well as stylish.