Your Boho Dream Wedding

So this is the day, you did all the preparations. Now, just enjoy.
Or maybe you are still planning in your head. So how to create the quintessential boho

What is bohemian? It means something unconventional, artistic, nonconformist, free-spirit,
naturalistic and just hippie, gipsy or quite nastily a freak.
What about bohemian wedding? I guess it should be very different to us.


The wedding should be a one time life experience. Or at most two or three times per life. So
plan your wedding well. First of all choose the right season. Classic wedding time is
summer. Boho is no exception. Simple reason is because boho typically puts emphasis on
nature. Also late spring or early autumn can be.
As we already know, classical boho wedding occurs outdoors. As close to Mother Nature as
better. This could mean seaside, lakeside, forest, park or farmland.
If it is rainy or autumn, spring time – you can always hold your reception indoors. In that
case the decor should have more outside nature elements. The more – the better.

Decor elements

Bulb string lights or candle lights, white tents, wooden elements, arcs and abundance of nature
elements. It could be flowers, specially white colour, hanging installations, leafs, branches, small
trees in pots – huge amounts of greenery. It not always depends on budget, you can do a lot
with creativity. The more natural and effortless everything looks – the better.
If it is indoor reception – just remember to bring the outside within.

Bohemian concept

A bohemian is considered to be someone artistic, free-spirited, who does not take much effort in
creating something beautiful. So boho decor concept is all about looking like you haven’t made
effort, like the whole atmosphere was naturally in this place – like at the beach wedding sea and

Bridal bouquets

The bridal bouquets look natural, as the whole decor. The bouquet should be as ‘I picked these
myself and threw them together just before coming here’. The dominant colour is white,
structures oversized, fluctuating small-flowered bouquets.
Don’t avoid flowers in hair, hairbands with flowers or even flower crowns.

Be creative and do-it-yourself
As the whole concept is very naturalistic, so DIY elements fit well in the décor of a boho
wedding. It will always look good and guests will feel your love and care. Those elements
could be:
garden flowers arranged by the couple (that doesn’t mean the whole décor should be done
by the couple, just a few elements)
self made invitations or name cards with some drawing, or self made computer graphics.


Want to be the superstar of all the photos – then boho style is not for you. Bohemian style
focuses on the nature elements. You will be pictured as part of the nature, not the centerpiece. But photos will look as an art piece with idyllic locations, natural lights of the day,
radiating the atmosphere of Nature around you.
So make sure to book the right photographer. Check his profile. The professional should
have the tendencies of a nature lover and naturalist.


Bohemian weddings are all about relaxing and feeling the connection with Mother Nature.
But the attire although seeming, are not always casual and relaxed.
Brides typically wear lace, long, embroidered white dresses, hippy style. Very easy to
getting a little dirty, but very feminine and flowing.
For grooms it is more practical. They rarely dress to formal, rather casual but chic – a shirt
with a bow tie, or a coloured suit.
Often the couple include flower element in their attire. The bride will wear a flower crown or
include some flowers in her bridal hair style.


Make the whole thing a real celebration. Usually people stress out on their wedding. The boho
concept is all about being in nature, enjoying with the people you love and celebrating together
the most natural union of two.