Boho Fashion Is Back

The Boho History

The Boho Style or the Bohemian Fashion dawned from Roma gypsies in Bohemia, in central Europe. The gypsy clothes from that era became famous even to this date through boho-chic followers like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional and free-spirited lifestyle among like-minded people. It covers music, art, literary and spiritual pursuits. A simple way to define Bohemians and their state of mind is as wanderers and vagabonds. In the fashion industry, Bohemian Style has gained a reputation. It remains a classic as popularized by the likes of Janis Joplin in the 60s to Vanessa Hudgens and the Olsen twins in the modern era.

The Boho Fashion

Boho or Bohemian fashion is an alternative style. It takes inspiration from the free-spirited lifestyle and hippies from the 1960s and 1970s. It mainly originated from the Romani people of France in the 19th century. The Bohemian style allows an individual to be unconventional yet trendy both at the same time. It’s a style that can put across your ideology and inner self closely associated with your creative passion.

Bohemian Fashion Now

The Boho style was always more of a counter-culture until it gained mainstream status. With many celebrity stars embracing this style culture, the boho style has grown to be one of the most desired looks. Many movie stars, musicians, and designers are sporting distressed denim with flouncy floral dresses and various other classic bohemian styles, making it an iconic trend.

These days, the bohemian style falls on a varied spectrum. On the one hand, you will find someone flaunting a style inspired by the 70s, while on the other, the romantic lace, braids, and silhouettes dominate the urban edgy bohemian.

Here are some categories for you to find out which bohemian you are.

The 60s and 70s style

The hippie bohemian takes inspiration from the 1960s classic styles such as tie-dye prints, maxi dresses in long locks and braids, headbands, and flat sandals. The suede leather jacket with tassels is also a significant piece of clothing from this era.

If you have seen Janis Joplin’s style, you can relate to the style in the 70s. Many still follow this style that iconizes the legendary musicians in that era. Groovy psychedelic prints, chunky heels, and wooden accents are some of its elements.

The Romantic

The romantic bohemian is ultra vintage. Crochet, appliqués and maxis in soft hues define a romantic bohemian. The floral and sheer fabric adds to the whimsical fairytale vibes, while enchanting accessories complete the look.

The Country Boho

Suede or leather cowboy boots adorned with tassels, laces, and beads paired with a pair of distressed denim shorts, vests, and fringed details in the clothing make up a country bohemian. Cowboy hats and leather belts make up for the accessories.

The Chic Bohemian

The boho-chic is a more classy and refined version of the messy boho style. A boho-chic pretty much follows the same style but replaces it with more polished and crisper versions to upgrade the style.

The Bohemian Hues

The right colors will define originality in a bohemian style.

  • Begin by combining both warm and cold hues, perhaps an amalgamation of 8-10 hues. Choose less for minimalism and go bold with more color hues for a boho look.
  • Use shade from the same family or mix cousin shades. Beige, caramel, and maroon can be one example. Another instance is combining shades of blue, mainly turquoise, sky blue, navy, and steel. Don’t wear solitaire and isolated colors.
  • Wear mostly neutrals, nudes, and pastels and avoid striking neon colors and highly saturated garments.
  • When you have a thoughtfully prepared set of hues in mind, you will find it easier to mix prints as well. 
  • Gold works well with the boho color palette. Fuse gold-colored accessories and minimal jewelry such as dainty pendants can enhance your outfit. 

The Boho Chic Tops

Boho Tops are typically peasant blouses, and tunics can come in a variety of hues. Here are some styles you can consider.

  • A white lace top
  • Ethnic print peasant blouse
  • Tunic with mixed prints
  • Embroidered blouse with tassels

While you look for these kinds of tops, make sure they are loose and relaxed-fitted. The sleeves look great if they are bell or trumpet-shaped. The length should typically be half or three-quarters. V-necklines and off-shoulder cuts add a free-spirited yet feminine touch. Look for embellishments such as pompoms, embroideries, tassels, beadwork, etc.

The Boho Bottoms

If you are wearing a bohemian ensemble, the bottoms need to be perfect, just as the tops. We have these classic boho bottom styles that can never go wrong.

  • Flared denim
  • Flared and printed maxi skirt
  • Distressed denim shorts
  • Bohemian harem pants

The features of perfect boho bottoms are flared-silhouettes, skirts that are flowy and printed or embroidered. Mixed prints skirts look lovely while the fit should be loose.

The Classic Boho Dresses

When in doubt, wear a maxi. It’s a one dress solution, and you need not brainstorm an ensemble. Know all about how to style a bohemian maxi dress and join the carefree and free-spirited culture. An Eyelet dress or a printed maxi dress usually does the job. When choosing a boho dress, look for elements such as,

  • A-line cuts, loose and relaxed fit
  • Bishop and bell style sleeves
  • Sleeve length- half or three-quarter
  • Off-shoulder necklines
  • Embroideries and tassels

The Boho Shoes

What’s an outfit without appropriate shoes? Here are some footwear picks which look perfect with a bohemian ensemble.

  • Greek sandals
  • T-strap sandals
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Wedge heels
  • Cowboy boots- Ankle length and knee-high

The footwear looks more bohemian if they are primarily brown, beige, or grey. The heels can be made of wood for aesthetic appeal, while chunky heels elevate the entire boho look. Look for tassels and adornments to go for a gypsy enchantress look.

The Boho Quick Tip: Take your bohemian outfit a notch higher with accessories and minimalistic jewelry. Here are some examples of what to look for while choosing them.

  • Fedora or straw hats
  • Bandanas, turbans, and headbands
  • Hairpins
  • Vintage sunglasses
  • Embroidered belts 
  • Muted and matte metals. You can wear a large white pearl ring and combine it with other minimal rings
  • Sleek layered necklaces
  • Large pendants
  • Intricate beadwork